3 days in Nashville


Of the places I’ve lived, I’d say Nashville was the most fun (and I grew up minutes from Disneyland).  I LOVED living in Music City and go back whenever I can.  It seems everyone else in the US has this idea, as tourism and people moving to Nashville is at an all time high.  So much so that they are undertaken a huge project to increase the size of BNA to accommodate more flights (including a new nonstop from London–watch out, Nashville, Harry Styles is coming for you).

It’s no wonder why…this is a world class destination.  There’s no way you can fit it in 3 days, but I sure as hell try when I visit.  I usually return for a concert, Bonnaroo/CMA fest, sporting event, special occasion–whatever the reason for your trip, just know that you will leave Nashville less rested, a few pounds heavier, but your soul will be more fulfilled than when you arrived.

Pack your antacids and settle in kids, this is gonna be a long one, but it should have you..

Chillin like a Nashvillain…

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Eclipse travel edition: 36 hours in Boise

IMG_2127.jpgOh boy, oh Boise.  Since many people (read: members of my family who are reading this) will be flocking to Boise this week for the total eclipse of the heart of the sun, I thought a Boise guide would be apropos.

When you think of Boise, you may think of potatoes or Boise State University, but this capital city is really trendy, with new restaurants and revitalization of its downtown core.  They don’t call it the Portland Jr. for nothing (although I think it stands on its own quite nicely).  The proximity to world class skiing doesn’t hurt either.   I was pleasantly surprised visiting Boise, it’s serene and wide open.  I’m a person who appreciates space, and “sleeper” destinations that aren’t yet overrun by tourists.

Turn around, bright eyes…or you may miss all there is to see!

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