Bring it on, 2018.

It’s FINALLY time to say goodbye to 2017, and although at points during the year, it felt like time was flying, I think we’re all collectively looking forward to January 1st. Changes are already set in motion for a lot of us, and I’m definitely ready to welcome 2018 and see what it has in store.


upper antelope canyon, arizona

With the end of each year comes the inevitable reflection of the past 12 months.  And what a year it has been, to put it mildly.


nashville, tennessee

Craziness of the world in general withstanding, our little group of pals has had personal blessings and boons along with challenges and headaches.  There’s been new beginnings, job changes, graduations, marriage, professional struggles, multiple cross country moves, and a baby added to the already hectic mix of our lives.


nyhavn, copenhagen, denmark

Despite all of this, we’ve still found time to follow our passions and remain connected through our common interests in career and life.  Individually and collectively, we’ve traveled countless miles across the world, from Bali to Denmark, Dubai to Paris, and all over the United States, our own backyard.  Bucket list items were checked off, amazing places and spaces were explored and experienced.


bali, indonesia

And all through the madness and harried lives we live was the birth of this little blog. Through friendship and shared travel and life experience, an idea that was discussed in passing came to fruition.  It is amazing that people who are so different (SO different) can be bound together by the common threads of life they share and that those relationships can flourish and grow over time despite distance and schedules.


paris, france

As we stay on the course of this journey, we hope you’ll continue to follow along and share your stories as well.  So here’s to the new year, a year in which we hope to continue to hit the pavement, rack up those flyer miles and continue the pursuit of adventure and wanderlust.  Let’s get it, two thousand and GREATeen.


kona, hawaii

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