know before you go: Kansas City (MCI)


Oh my beloved, Kansas City.  There are positives about this airport, mainly the convenience of security and parking.  But what it has in ease, it gives up in amenities.  With a new expansion planned for the next few years to likely consolidate the terminals into one main terminal, hopefully it will get better, so that this destination gets the airport it deserves.

It’s slowly getting there because big aviation news, KC is getting their first transtlantic flight!  Icelandair is going to be flying a route from MCI to Reykjavik (KEF), which is hopefully the start of more to come.

This airport has three terminals located about 15 miles from downtown, although currently A is closed.  B houses Delta and Southwest from 20 gates. C has 22 gates serving Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Spirit, Frontier, United.  The food isn’t great here, which is a shame since KC has great food.  There is an Arthur Bryant’s in Terminal C which is probably the lone bright spot.  Pork and Pickle has decent sandwiches and BBQ in Terminal B.

Remember: ✈️ = put me out of my missouri to ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ = missouri loves company

Convenience to the city: ✈️ (it’s actually pretty far from downtown, but luckily traffic is never that bad)

Ease of navigating through terminals: ✈️

Convenience of check in/security lines: ✈️✈️✈️✈️ (can be quick, each area has its own security)

Dining: ✈️✈️  (Usual fare Burger King, Quizno’s, CPK, Starbucks.  Arthur Bryant’s is the only local flavor)

Bathrooms: ✈️✈️✈️  (the stall doors open out, and that’s huge for luggage purposes)

Charging stations/wifi: ✈️✈️✈️ (free wifi available)

Amenities: ✈️  (not much at all)



3 Days in Kansas City


Kansas City is underrated.  You will hear me say this over and over again, but it’s true.  There is literally something there for everyone, for all budgets and tastes.  It has Midwestern values combined with a sophisticated art and dining scene comparable to any of its urban counterparts, but psst…it’s more affordable.  I used to tell people back in California that KC is a sleeper city (I’ve heard the term flyover country more times than I care for), but the secret’s out.  KC is having a real moment right now.  After the MLB All Star game in 2012 and the Royals winning the World Series in 2015, people have started to take notice of this city as a travel destination.

I lived in the heart of America for eleven years, so when I visit, I try to hit all of my favorite spots in 2-3 days.  This is a tall order because there’s so much to eat do! Of course, this itinerary assumes that you’re not coming for a specific concert or sporting event.  I could write a thousand posts about that (and maybe I will), but for now here’s my way to spend 3 days in Kansas City, MO (with a cameo from Kansas City, KS, too).

Click those red heels like Dorothy, because there’s no place like home…

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