Bienvenido a Miami Part 2


Welcome back to Miami, a city with so much to do, one blog post wouldn’t do.

Watch out, the rhythm is gonna get you…

What’s a trip to South Beach without actually heading to the beach? The sunrises are quite beautiful, but if you’re too hungover to make it, you’ve got all day to laze around.


Known for its very colorful lifeguard towers, see if you can see them up close between the dozens of gals posing for Instagram pics while their friends/boyfriends snapping pics.


Most hotels will have a contract with one of the beach purveyors, such as Boucher Brothers or Esteban. Or for a nominal fee you can rent out a cabana, umbrella or lounger so you can live your best Gray Malin life.


You could spend a whole day out here, and no one would judge you. But if you’re starting to tiene hambre, head back towards the hotels where you’ll find the cutest alleyway between Ocean and Collins. The alleyway between the Betsy and Carlton hotels boasts a very prominent public art display called “the Orb.” It looks like giant egg, and is located next to a really reasonable pizza/pasta place called the Alley. There’s even a gelato window, so you know I was sold.


Today explore in the opposite direction, making your way north. There are beautiful properties here as well, from the President to the Kent to the Delano to the Lowes .


Even the Senor Frog’s is art deco! If you head way up stream, see if you can visit the ultra ritzy Fontainebleau, where it’s the scene to be seen.


Collins is a great street because the Miami Art museum is there, featuring a very eye-catching Ugo Rondinone Magic Mountains installation in the front, you can’t miss it. It’s a lot quieter than Ocean, but still features art deco and people watching opportunity.


Sheperd’s coffee is a nice place to take a little break from ambling around. Very artisanal, very refreshing.


For a nice way to relax in the afternoon, head to Lincoln Road mall. This pedestrian street is full of music, dancing, shops and al fresco dining. That’s the best thing about Miami, there’s live music everywhere.  I told you the rhythm was gonna get you!  There’s also plentiful shade from the hanging branches of Banyan trees lining the entire stretch.

If you walk around Miami enough, you will notice the ubiquity of a certain Cuban chain called Havana 1957. There are several locations, and they are very popular. First of all, their prices are very reasonable. Second of all, their food is hella good.


Sitting outside, sipping on a mojito and people watching is the best. The Lincoln Road location is very popular but seems less hectic than the locations on South Beach. By that vain, it wins, in my opinion. The servers and waitstaff are all very nice, too, which is a huge plus. Their specialty is a Pollo 1957, but I highly recommend the special with Ropa Vieja, Lechon (one of my all time favorites) and the especial Pollo. This dish hits the spot and is a great introduction to Cuban food for a novice. There are plantains and beans and rice, mmm it’s so good, I wish I had some now.


Head back over the causeway before leaving town, and as you do, make sure to keep an eye out for the gorgeous waterfront mansions on Star Island, where all the celebs have homes. The properties really are eye-popping and will make you envy every Big Pimpin’ yacht you pass. It’ll make you want to move to Miami, Pitbull (305, Mr. Worldwide) style.

Adios, Miami!


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